As an unabashed admirer of Rad Hourani’s designs and a Hong Kong citizen by birth, it’s particularly heart-wrenching that I’m not back there to see Hourani’s exclusive collaboration with Joyce for the 5th anniversary of his unisex collections. The shot of red in one of the first Rad Hourani collections was what made me sit up and look a little harder at his designs, so I’m glad to see it being revisited here. Black and gray are the dominant elements, defining the edges and the boundaries of the fabric with the red cardigan and silver printed tee worked in to show how the fabrics lay and where the shapes intersect/overlap/merge. As usual, Hourani offers only a limited number of pieces in a few colorways, emphasizing the importance of self-styling. Though there’s something a little tyrannical about Hourani’s clothes—only a few styles, only a few sizes (if not just one-sized), and almost no room for compromise—there’s also a strong sense of freedom that takes hold of you when you put something on. Whenever I wear his jackets, I always feel in control and even if I don’t take off the sleeves or turn it inside out or wear it like a giant, over-sized shrug, it’s very empowering to know that I can.


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